Sunday, 21 August 2011

ANew Clinical Luminosity PRO Brightening Serum

I often get asked about the products I use on my skin and the truth is...many! However my secret weapon is the Avon ANew Luminosity Brightening Serum. One word "AMAZING". I apply this before I go to sleep on clean dry skin. It has a very greasy texture which is great for my dry skin type and voila! In the morning I am fresh faced:). I use this about 3 times a week or whenever i feel my skin is looking a little dull and needs a pick me up. When applied it can sting a little but I don't find it causes any redness. It also says that it causes sunlight sensitivity so I give it a miss a week before and during any beach holiday. However all that said...this is a great product priced around £25 and one I most definitely recommend..x

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