Monday, 12 December 2011

Weekend shopping Haul!

This weekend was spent with my bestie jo doing some good ol fashioned christmas shopping. It was a great day....and we were literally fighting through the crowds to get things done. People go a little crazy around this time haha! No shopping trip would be complete without getting a few things for myself...but i did try to keep it to a minimum i promise!
In a recent post i blogged about my love for moroccan hair oil and i thought it might be time to give some of their other products a go. Rather than wading in and buying big bottles of everything and regretting it i took it steady with this mini kit below.

So for £33.75 i got a shampoo, conditioner, intensive hair masque, moroccan oil and another moroccan oil in a sample bottle. I think thats a lot of product for my money as the small moroccan oil in the box shown costs £12.75 alone.

I absolutely cant wait to try them and will be posting a review soon!

On to the good stuff....Make Up! As everybody knows when it comes to foundation im a complete Lancome girl through and through. Over the years I've used pretty much most of them including Teint Idole, Teint Miracle and now im trying Photogenic Lumessence.
This is meant to make your skin look smooth, fresh, soften any lines and imperfections to give you....a photogenic finish im guessing. Having read a few rave reviews on makeup alley i thought why not!

At first glance when i swatched it on the back of my hand it did glide on fabulously and seems to be a thicker consistency than Teint Miracle so offers more coverage. Ill be reviewing this product for sure very soon so keep an eye out for that.x


  1. The moroccan shampoo and conditioner are lovely and smell amazing! Xx

  2. I used them last night Jo and love love love!x