Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Benefit Cheek Tints & Highlighters

So these products need no introduction, anybody who's anybody knows about these 3 little wonders from Benefit. I got these tiny bottles free with glamour magazine a few months ago! I bought 3 copies just to complete the set.
Ok review sorry but i don't like them! Gasp....shock....all of those things...maybe im the only one in the world who feels like this but i really don't think they are all that great. On my asian skin tone even though i am fairly light i don't think they show up greatly or offer me anything that i cant live without. Im very very glad that i got these free with magazines and didnt pay full price for any products. These may look great on lighter skin but i wouldnt reccomend it for asian skin tone im afraid.x


  1. Thanks for the honest review. I must admit that the tints weren't fab on my skin tone either, I'm a very light olive / white skin tone. I did like the highlight though, but to get a little effect I use a lot of product. I find the brand very hit & miss of late x

  2. Hey I have to admit I love looking at the benefit counter...but I never end up buying anything:) there's lots of brands that give better results x