Sunday, 11 December 2011

Hair crazy right now!

I feel like i spend so much time focusing on my face with all my make up products and creams that i quite often forget my locks! My hair is quite long and this evil cold weather is not doing it any good. It is in need of some serious pampering so i decided to buy some expensive shampoo instead of my usual pantene etc. I picked Kerastase as shown above, I've heard a lot of fabulous things about it so thought it couldn't hurt trying!
Each bottle for a shampoo and conditioner was about £13.50 each. The conditioner is called a milk and is very thin compared with normal conditioners. Dont be fooled by was amazing it has made my hair truly soft, shiny, bouncy and manageable!
I love these products...the shampoo is lovely and creamy and your hair feels so so clean after shampooing. I love that after conditioning my hair is left light and soft without any weight. I hate conditioners that just make your hair feel heavy and lank!
I know these aren't cheap but i really would recommend them if you fancy treating yourself as you wont be left disappointed. I will be repurchasing for sure.x


  1. I've used this range from Kerastase and I loved it! I used the mask for deep conditioning as well as the normal shampoo and it really made my hair feel silky smooth xx

  2. I agree I don't look after my hair, I spent so much on my face and totally neglect my hair!

    Great post I think I need to treat myself to these =)


  3. You definitely should Sam they are great x

  4. I have been wanting to try this duo for ages but wasnt sure if i could justify the price but you have tempted me! lol

    Hayley (your new follower) x