Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Handmade Goodies - Marshmellows Blends

Ok so Christmas is a time for giving...and I feel sometimes this should include to myself haha! Ok not just sometimes....alot of the time. While im buying lots of festive things for others i cant help but want to treat myself know the feeling after all that tiring walking around with a million bags! And I'm thinking along the lines of nice relaxing treats...bath and shower products. I love all handmade goodies as they are usually such great quality and smell amazing! And these products did not let me down.
I bought the sugar scrub cubes in 'strawberry cheesecake' and a lipbalm in 'white chocolate and honey'.

Sugar scrub cubes - £5.99
You also get a lot for your money.

£3.99 for the lipbalm which is a very generous sized tin.

So for the first 2 days I can't and everyone who sees these can't stop smelling them....and secondly everybody wants to know where you can get hold of these from. Wonder no more my lovelies....I came across these on a lovely blog by Nicoletta which you can find at this link
From here you can find the link to her Facebook page or just search Marshmellow Blends...'like' it and shop away!

I must say the service was excellent, prompt and efficient. Also Nicoletta threw in a cookie dough massage bar as a gift for me...thankyou very much!
I'll be reviewing these products very shortly. In the meantime girlies buy buy buy! They make excellent Christmas presents for others....or yourself ;)x


  1. Great find Hun, I'll be checking them out x

  2. Thanks for such a great post and I'm so pleased you like them xx

  3. These would make such cute gifts! xx

  4. @knightseclectic they really are gorgeous you definitely should. x

    @josie yes definitely! I'll be buying for friends birthdays :) x

    @ Nicolette - love them sooo much x

  5. These sound and look great!

  6. Nicoletta is always making new products with different smells so be sure to go on marshmellow blends Facebook page xxx