Sunday, 18 December 2011

Nars Illuminator orgasm

Well well another Nars product...need you ask the colour...Orgasm of course. This product was also picked up in New York.


It is a very light creamy/watery feel. Gives a gorgeous sheen and is what it illuminator. I will wear this on special occasions over my blusher to give that gorgeous luminous look. Id say its too much for the day time its definitely an evening product where you will be photographed. Im thinking the whole Millie Mackintosh look (from Made in Chelsea).

When blended.

Its about £20, lasts forever and is lovely for giving you that little something extra on special occasions. Nobody wants to look the same everyday right?!x


  1. I think i would wear this more in the summer right? It looks better in the sun, in winter i think people will thinks ur missing the summer hahaha xxx

  2. I got a small sample of this and its still half full because of the tiny amount needed so definitely worth investing in! would look gorgeous on holiday but also lovely for xmas parties as its not too bronze :)

    Hayley x

  3. @sam yes it does look great in summer but def gives me that healthy glow i need in winter:) with asian skin i think the glowy thing all year can work xx

    @Hayley yeah ive had mine for ages too i don't think ill ever need any more...i know what you mean about not to bronze, it is much lighter than in bottle and looks much better on xx