Monday, 3 March 2014

A haul! Beauty, Body and Fashion

Hey my lovelies! Sorry for missing my Sunday and life just got in the way:)
This weekends haul was a mixed bag really it was a bit of everything .

Here we have a few repurchases the cleansing water, toner and fixing spray. The first time buys are 2 glosses, one by Urban Decay the Naked range. I picked the colour Lovechild (which I already have as a lipstick and lip crayon so it felt right to complete the set), and finally an NYX gloss. For those ladies that don't know, NYX is stocked at selected Next stores. I'm not usually into lipglosses but i felt like updating things for spring.

Next up a Lush Haul! I was going to open these to take photos but as I got them cut up it felt a bit pointless. I will get pictures from their site for when I review them.

Body Shop! Recently my love for the store is back. I went through a phase when I was 15 and loved it then sort of went back to it and Uni and just moved on. Anyway I'd forgotten just how great the products actually are so picked up a mango shower gel and vitamin E body butter.

My new love! Dune pony loafers. These are just so cute and comfy:)

I'll be back to you with reviews and shortly my February Favourites! Hope you are all well x

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