Friday, 21 February 2014

Daniel Sandler Slim & Sculpt Review.

There's a new contour product that's in my make up bag and it's not escaping anywhere anytime soon ladies! I had been using the Hula by a Benefit as my contour colour for well over a year and seriously fancied a change. So off to Twitter I went and was recommended Slim & Sculpt by Daniel Sandler, I read some great reviews and the man himself tweeted me which I thought was just so so lovely....what a gent!

Here is the product itself, the S has started fading as I've been using this daily for about a month which is long enough for me to say I LOVE IT.

This product applies like a dream, the powder is soft and so easy to apply. It blends beautifully and is the perfect colour for contouring. It's warm without being orange, it's got a slight ashiness when applied so it looks like a real shadow but isn't grey looking. I just literally can't sing it's praises enough.


The highlight is perfect for a day to day basis, I use this for work. If I'm going out or it's evening I like to use something like Laura Mercier 'Spellbound'.

I apply the contour colour using my Real Techniques contour brush and the highlighter using my Real Techniques blusher brush. If your are looking for a new contour product or even your first to get you started then look no further.
Hope you are well.x


  1. Nice review! What skin tone / shade are you? (in say, MAC or Daniel Sandler)

  2. Nice one.. :)
    That highlighter looks more like a dusty rose blush...