Saturday, 15 June 2013

My weekend so far....

Hi guys!
Sorry I've not posted in a while I've been super busy and the products ive bought lately i havent felt the need to rave about yet.

This weekend so far i have bought my weekly flowers to brighten up my window:)

My one and only beauty purchase this weekend! I went into Mac and didnt like anything, im sure many of you are gasping in disbelief but whenever i go in there im not wowed by any one thing in particular. I think its because there is just so many colours of literally everything, also their limited edition collections are nice but really annoying as they sell out of things so quickly.
I personally prefer Space NK or John Lewis beauty counters where i can browse hassle free and quietly.
My local John Lewis has just got in a new Bobbi Brown stand i mean brand new! So everything was untouched and pretty...i of course had to then swatch things and have a good look:)

This beautiful bright pink illuminating bronzing powder stood out to me immediately. It is very soft and incredibly pigmented so trust me when i say a little goes a long way! It has beautiful gold shimmer running through it too so im hoping this will be my summer blush:)

I will wear this soon and take photos and review it so you guys can see what its like in action.
Have a great weekend all :)

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