Monday, 3 June 2013

Hair miracle worker!

Hi my lovelies! I need to tell you about a product I bought on holiday which has literally transformed my hair. I found it in a shop that sold salon sized hair products, to be honest I don't think if I'd been in England this would have caught my attention at all it was just that I was on holiday and the heat was killing my hair. I was in desperate need of something to help restore it and this seemed like it might just do the trick. One thing that worries me about any product for my hair is that awful weightiness products can leave where your hair feels greasy. This was 20 euros so not cheap and a total gamble. However it was promising me healthier shinier hair pretty much immediately so i gave it a go. I am so so glad that I did! I absolutely love this. My hair feels stronger, shinier and fuller. If you can buy this from anywhere and have damaged hair them get hold of it pronto. I spray this through my hair when it's wet and then just blow dry and style as usual. There's no horrible greasy feeling left or anything. My hair is damaged through a combination of factors being colour, heat styling tools and the sun so I'm always on the lookout for products to make my hair look better especially as it is so long.

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