Saturday, 29 June 2013

Bedtime Beauties.

Hi guys! Hope your all having a lovely weekend. Mine has been super busy so far but I've just sat down in my pyjamas ready to watch tv and thought it was time to write a new post.

My night time routine has got a lot longer and includes a lot more products than my easy days of make up wipes and cocoa butter.
Once I started blogging i learnt so much about the importance of nighttime skin care and now feel its time to share it all with you :)

So the longest amount of time I don't wear make up is of course bedtime. This is the time my skin has to breathe and replenish all the lost moisture.

Step 1. Cleanse.

Bioderma a huge cult product. A cleansing water that has recently become more easily available in the UK. I love this so so much and a 500ml bottle lasts me ages.

Loreal recently launched Micellar solution which is the the same thing but much cheaper and even more easily available. I bought this bottle for about £4 at Boots.

Step 2. Tone.

I haven't used a toner for about 10 years and to be honest I didn't think they did anything. I was in John Lewis and found this Liz Earle one and I love it!

Step 3. Brighten those peepers.

Just soaking a cotton pad in Eye lotion and placing them on my eyes feels so so relaxing.

Step 4.

This step changes depending on my mood!

If my skin needs nourishing, is a bit dry or I feel my fine likes need their ass kicking I use my YSL Youth Liberator.

Occasionally my under eye area gets a bit dry and flaky. This was recommended to me by Holly from Yummy mummy beauty blog and I love this product!

I use this quite often to give my skin a big fat glowy boost or if my skin is slightly blemished. Everything is clear and perfect by morning.

Occasionally i just use a simple moisturiser and this Dr Lewins Radiance Booster is lovely.

A new purchase I used last night for the first time is this Alpha Liquid Gold. I love this so much!!! I will continue using this for a week and then review it fully.

Ok guys that was a long post. If there's anything in particular you would like a review of then let me know.

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  1. Cant wait for the review. I deffo need to invest in my skin a lot more!

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