Monday, 13 May 2013

YSL lipstick loves.

Hi my pretty ladies:) I'm back in the UK now so back to reality and blogging! I'm totally missing the weather in Portugal and my fingers are crossed for a beautiful English summer.

Today's post is a declaration of love for my new YSL lipsticks. I say new but I've bought these 3 in the last few months. They have worked their way into my daily routine and handbag so a review is totally due.

My little sparkley soldiers lined up beautifully. How gorgeous is the packaging! It just makes using them and keeping them in your bag that much more special. All 3 of mine are a different type of lipstick as you will see below.

This range has a beautiful creamy texture, it gives strong colour but still glides over the lips. It is just so pretty and one of my favourite colours.

This range is very pigmented. Probably the most out of the 3. However the colour just slides on but there's not as glossy a finish. I've recently got into 'nude lips' but not the type that make you look ill. Being Asian I have to be careful that the nude has a pinky tone otherwise ill get that awful concealer lip finish. Yuk! This definitely doesn't do that. I usually apply it and then smudge in with my fingers.

Lastly the glossiest of the 3. This is super shiny/glossy/creamy. It gives a lovely colour pay off but it does seem to fade easily so touching up is needed quite often. I don't mind though as the packaging is just that pretty:) Also if you have dark lips I'm not sure a lighter colour would be the 'true' colour of lipstick if that makes sense so using a mac lip erase might be worth it.

Hope your all well x


  1. Ooh they're all gorgeous! And I agree about the packaging - I'd keep pulling it out of my bag just to look at it lol!

  2. Love Rose Vinyl and Corail Intuitive! They look gorgeous! x