Monday, 11 June 2012

My best friends beauty haul!

My best friend decided she needed a complete make up bag overhaul and enlisted my help. This is a dream job for me...a whole make up bag to put together and complete control:) I decided that Superdrug and Boots would be the best places to start and to take advantage of offers. Above is the complete haul and below I'll talk you through a few offers.

For me when it comes to make up application the skin should look flawless. In my opinion you can't skimp on foundations and Loreal is a great drugstore brand. In superdrug all Loreal was on 3 for 2 so we picked up a true match foundation, powder and mascara.

My friend has very sensitive eyes and Natural Collection seem to suit her best so we took advantage of the 3 for £5 offer in Boots and bought a blue, black and grey eyeliners.

Blusher time! This new brand (well I've never seen it) the make me blush blusher is the most beautiful pinky peach colour. It was around £8.50 and you get plenty of product for your money. Secondly a pretty MUA blusher for £1!

Primer time! I don't know how I ever lived without primer it's a staple for me now. I picked up a Rimmel primer and my favourite concealer Maybelline. friend isn't a huge lipstick wearer so to break her in gently Revlon Lip Butter. The colour is Strawberry Shortcake (I have reviewed this product in full on my blog).

No make up bag can ever be complete without a decent set of brushes. I don't advise people go crazy with mac brushes when starting out just a good simple brand. I've read good reviews about Eco Tools brushes and this entire set cost £16 so well worth the money.
The shopping trip was a huge success my bestie now has a complete make up bag shes happy with and this all came in at under £100!x


  1. I REALLY need to try some MUA products!! That blush is gorgeous!!

    xo, Jersey Girl

  2. Really liked this post.
    You really should do personalized makeup bags. If people sent in their preferences/style/skin this and that, a blog review of their essentials would be a super cute idea, IMO.
    You really have a nice eye and I love reading your posts!