Friday, 15 June 2012

Mac Lip Erase

I have been hunting for one of these for errrmmm....forever! They only ever seem to come out with occasional limited edition collections?! A bit silly in my opinion as its a great product and I'm sure would be a staple for many if they could get hold of it.
Either way I found one in Malaga Airport in Spain. I love love love this. I'm a huge lover of pink lipsticks from baby barbie styles to much brighter fuschias however being Asian and my lip colour slightly darker I don't think for some of the lighter shades
that the true colour ever comes across. So lately I've been using Mac lip erase, letting it set for around 5 mins then using my lipliner and lipstick.
With lip erase on

With Dior addict "Singuleire" on

A much truer reflection of the colour.
I'll be hunting for back ups of this so as soon as anybody knows they are out again be sure to let me know please. Anyone know any good dupes for this product?x

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