Tuesday, 12 June 2012

House Of Fraser Beauty Counters

So this weekend was pure beauty retail heaven for moi! I was helping my best friend with her make up bag (that post was yesterday in case you missed it).
I was walking through House of Fraser and all these beauties just jumped in to my hands....i promise:)

Ive been wearing Lancome foundation for around 6-7 years and ive loved each and every one. I wear Shade number 3 it is just perfect for my skin tone. I switched to Teint Miracle a while ago as it is very thin and gives a great luminosity to the skin. However...coverage isnt briliiant, so i started to mix it with an old bottle of Teint Idole i had. Now Teint Idole has been reformulated and ive read lots of blogs saying how great this product is so voila im now going to be using this too. For some it may sound crazy as these foundations arent cheap but im using a small amount of each (so they will last me ages) and getting all the qualities i want in a foundation. Once i have used Teint Idole Ultra 24 for a while i will add to the bazillion reviews and let you know what i think.

New lipsticks! Well sort of! Let me explain:) I love the formula of Dior Addict lipsticks. They are basically perfect for summer, they have a soft almost lip balm style formula, you get a good colour payoff with a beautiful glossy finish. In a word...amazing! The 2 colours i bought are 'Singuliere' which i have had before and its nearly a repurchase is always a great sign! The second colour is 'DiorKiss'. Both pink of course.

Left 'Singuliere' - a beautiful barbie pink.
Right 'Dior Kiss' a more vibrant pink.
My hand has random other make up on so sorry for the messy hand swatch.
On my lips 'Singuliere'.

Repurchase alert! Urban Decay lipstick 'LoveChild' The stupid arrow thing at the bottom of this lipstick is the most ridiculously annoying thing ever, you cant just throw it in to your handbag for fear of ripping the lining or scratching your phone so if they changed the packaging that would be great. All that said its a gorgeous colour i wont go into too much as ill review it fully.

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