Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Vitamin C Radiance capsules

Well well look at these little capsules filled with radiant goodness:) These are The Body Shops answer to dull and lifeless skin!
As soon as I hear the words glow, fresh and radiant I'm sold so of course I was a complete sucker for these.

Inside this little pot are small capsules that you open and spread the serum inside on your face at night after you have cleansed. They feel like bath pearls in case you were wondering and often squirt out on the same manner so careful of those peepers...ouch! On the jar it says to "Smooth and revive skin appearance".

The verdict. A big no from me. Not worth the money around £12. I didn't see any difference, they weren't moisturising enough and my skin didn't feel any smoother. Sorry guys this one gets a big thumbs down from me :( x

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