Thursday, 8 September 2011

Too much information?!

This post is a little's not quite about beauty but it kind of is in a way. It's about body image/beauty/weight and the way we perceive ourselves. As you can see I love reading magazines...I need the latest bag, eyeshadow, lipgloss!!!...I make the crazy impulse purchase hoping to achieve what exactly?! Does it make me happy...yes for 5 minutes then on to the next.
I'm not even entirely sure where I'm going with this strange rambling other than even I who writes this beauty blog as it is a huge passion wish I could stop obsessing about looks, weight and the rest of it as there really is more to life. All you see in magazines are gorgeous thin women with not even a hair out of place so no wonder it drives us all a little crazy.
Ok I'll stop now as its getting a little profound and this is a fun beauty blog to just share tips...guess I'm putting out there that I'm a normal girl too who every once in a while let's the constant media projected images of "what is beautiful" get to me. I say enjoy it, have fun with it but remember it's not the be all and end all in life x

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  1. It's an important point though. There are so many different ways that women and girls in particular are being pressured into the PERFECT image of a woman. Have you heard of the campaign the Dove company has been working on for several years now? It is all about self-image and how we are all beautiful. It is a great a contrast to what we read in the beauty magazines. That being said, we have the right to indulge in these magazines, lose all ourselves in ALL THINGS PRETTY :-) and close the magazines and be okay with our blemishes, rolls and all things us...:-)