Monday, 5 September 2011

Foundation - flawless finish

I've been asked to do a post on foundation and am more than happy to oblige:). A flawless base to work on is a huge must when starting to create any beauty look. Foundation can be tricky to find as we all look for different things when choosing one. I always think if your serious about wanting a new foundation then write a list of things you want from it, don't just head down to any store and be bullied into buying something your unsure of as it's an expensive mistake. As an idea my personal needs for a foundation are:
1. Consistency - thin (I don't like a heavy caked look).
2. Good coverage - I am fortunate to have clear skin but good coverage allows for an even tone finish.
3. Perfect colour - this is huge, having Asian skin it is very easy to wear one too light and look grey or too dark and look like I need a wash?!
4. Luminous finish - I like that fresh bright dewy look as opposed to a matte finish, this may be due to my dry skin type.

Price wise my foundations are between £20 to £30. I know that's not cheap but I honestly dont feel the cheaper brands offer a good enough dupe to the higher end brands such as Chanel, Dior and Lancome etc.
My favourite foundation is the one pictured above by Lancome called Teint Miracle. I wear number 3 Beige Daphne. This foundation ticks all the boxes for me and suits my skin type perfectly. This literally just glides on to give such a smooth even finish i honestly doubt i would change! I always apply foundation with my fingers I really believe it's the best for even coverage, I detest sponges and I'm not too keen on brushes either. I do always set foundation with a powder which will feature in a future post. Soooo I hope this post has been useful and fun of course:) The other thing is remember you may need a darker foundation in the summer as your going to tan in the sun. If your lucky enough to have fab skin then don't wear any:)
Swatch below.
1. Before blending
This does look light but after application and blending looks like a fresh second skin.

2. After blending

Fresh and more even in tone.


  1. You should try Bobbi Brown's foundations too. They have great coverage and the make up line is made for women with colour. So as a woman with colour, you are bound to find a perfect match. Also I have acne prone skin and they have a few different lines that are oil-free. Love it!! Keep up the great the blog posts...:-)

  2. Hey thankyouu! Ooh I'll have to look out then, I love bobbi brown I'm constantly using their eyeshadows they look great xxx