Saturday, 7 March 2015

Drugstore pick

Today's pick might seem a little's not make up or skin care or anything that pretty. However it's something super useful ladies that we all use from time to time on our lazy days. Dry shampoo. I've not found my favourite one and its this one by Colab sold in Superdrug. Its a huge can, costs a few pounds and was developed by a blogger called Ruth from A model recommends. This badboy beats the other dry shampoos as firstly it doesn't have a weird dry shampoo smell (im talking to you batiste with your distinct smell so everyone knows I haven't washed my hair), it actually comes in different scents so there's something for everyone, it's fine in texture so no build up or itchy scalp and lastly while it's not coloured like some batiste it's not white either. It just blends in.
All in all....pick this up!

Extra tip - dry shampoo your hair before bed and it will soak up the excess oil over night, it looks much better than freshly sprayed dry shampoo.

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