Sunday, 22 June 2014

Spa Weekend & Beauty Haul

Hi my lovelies, it's been a few days since I've posted...the usual excuse "life just got in the way of blogging". I need to be a little more disciplined in my posts and stick schedule.

Anyway on to the fun stuff. This weekend was absolutely amazing. A proper girly one! It was one of my close friends birthday and a group of us went to Hoar Cross Hall. I didn't know what to expect as id never been before but I can honestly say this absolutely exceeded every one of my expectations! You arrive at 9am and have full use of the facilities until 6pm and a 3 course lunch included. On arrival you get into your bikinis, put a robe and slippers on and just relax. There's heated chairs, massage chairs, jacuzzis, plunge pool, chairs with these hot fountains running down your back, sauna, sanariam and even a sleep room! The cost of this is £79 and in my opinion worth every penny. I chose to also have a treatment at an extra cost - Tri active body treatment. This is a full body exfoliation and cellulite treatment. I got the lady to concentrate on the back of my legs and I actually did notice a difference immediately! This place is just perfect for a girly catch up and mobile free zone!
So once my day was over I drove home in a truly zen like fashion and slept from 9-9! I can't recommend this place enough.

Sunday (which is today) has been a lovely relaxed one too. I went into town with my sister and picked up some beauty bits.

The repurchases here are the Liz Earle Toner and YSL Shocking mascara. The new bits are a YSL Gloss Volupte in Pure 202. Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control cream, this is what was used on me yesterday so I'm going to give this a go and report back. Then lastly from Space NK (as no trip to town is complete without a visit there) I finally caved and bought the Laura Mercier Honey Bath in Ambre Vanille and a Lipstick Queen Gloss Crayon in Chinatown Catalina.

Shown below.

Both easy sheer fuss free perfect summer pinks. They are already in my handbag and will no doubt be a firm favourite. Also a side note the crayon comes with it's own sharpener which I think is great as so many companies make you buy one.


Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Tonight it's clean sheets, clean pjs, pamper time and an episode of Suits. Have a great week xxx

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  1. Your weekend sounds amazing! I've never been to a spa but always dreamt of it +.+
    Love the shade of the lipstick!