Saturday, 7 June 2014

Perfect Legs For Summer

Hi my lovelies hope your all having a great weekend. I'm here to tell you about my 2 new secret weapons for this summer. I absolutely love wearing dresses but at the moment haven't got much of a tan.... so it's time to fake it! The most important thing you need to do before applying fake tan or a gradual tanning moisturiser like the one above is make sure your skin is baby smooth otherwise it will cling to dry patches and look awful. So i exfoliate my legs daily with this Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub which truly smells amazing! And then every other day I use the Dove gradual tanner. My top tip would be to apply it to half a leg at a time and rub it in circular motions, also don't apply too much around your ankle area. It stays tacky for around half an hour so that's where I just put on my dressing gown and watch beauty videos on my ipad. The days I don't use this Dove lotion I moisturise with either a Body Shop Body Butter or Nivea Q10 firming lotion. Hope your all well and having a lovely weekend.

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