Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mini High End Haul

Hi my lovelies! I went shopping last weekend for a few gorgeous high end beauty bits and this weekend some drugstore so ill seperate them.

Firstly a trip to Space NK was on the agenda. I had a good look round and there wasn't much I wanted which is a shock as usually I love pretty much everything in there. I had a look at the new Nars Collection, they have a new blush palette (One Night Stand) for £45 which is amazing however I didn't buy it as I have the colours from the palette I liked already including back ups!! If you don't own any palettes then this is an absolute steal as individually the blushes are around £21.
Anyway on to what I bought. I'm really trying to look after my hair these days so it was time for a new hair oil.

A friend recommended Oribe Gold Lust Oil and I eventually cracked paying £45 for it. This has got to be the most expensive oil I've tried...and I've had the usuals Kerastaste Ultime Elixir, Moroccon, Macademia...the list is endless so expect a very honest review soon.
The claims it makes..

While there I picked up a new eye shadow from Chantecaille in 'Flax'.

This has to be the prettiest smoothest shadow ever but for the price id expect no less. I have to mention that the picture does it no justice. The shadow itself costs £19.50 and comes as a refill, you then pay £9.50 for this pebble style metal case. That's pretty ridiculous as it's almost £30 for one colour...honestly if this hadn't been the perfect antique gold I've been looking for then there's no way I'd have paid this price.

I also picked up a new perfume (well a repurchase from years ago), YSL Cinema. I totally forgot how much I loved this smell till I caught up with a best friend at the weekend and it totally reminds me of us both at work wearing it! I love how perfume can have so many memories attached to it.

Lastly just as I was heading out my eye caught Benefit Rockateur again.

I swatched it a while ago and wasn't sure but maybe this time as it's got colder I've found it more appealing as it's a dusky plummy pink which I think is just perfect for Autumn.
Expect to be hearing about these products shortly as so far I've been loving them x

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