Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Beauty waters and setting sprays.

Hello my lovelies,
Time to talk Beauty waters and setting sprays. I'm a big fan of setting sprays and have been for a few years so time to talk you through my top 3.
Each of these have different qualities I love so I use them at different times.

First up my old favourite. Urban Decay All Nighter.

This was actually my first setting spray and to be honest I didn't believe it would work but boy was I wrong!
I spritz this on my face after all my slap is on and I'd say it literally keeps my make up flawless for 8 hours. I've worn this for evenings out, parties, weddings you name it and it has never let me down through hours of dancing and running around!

Second up Urban Decay Dew Me.

I like this as my every day setting spray. I just find it kind of blends all my make up into my skin and takes away any powdery finishes. I use this pretty much everyday for a 9-6 make up look. handbag and holiday favourite. Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

I bought this as I've heard it raved about so many times on beauty blogs and YouTube. Now strictly speaking this isn't a setting spray this falls under the Beauty Water category and is used to hydrate, freshen and give radiance to the skin. It can be used before and after make up too it just has a variety of uses. For me that's why this is a holiday favourite. It can live in my beach bag to freshen my face while I'm in the sun. It also has a medicinally kind of smell which I personally like but can take some getting used to.

That's it guys my top 3 beauty waters/ setting sprays that I have no hesitation in recommending.

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