Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Denmark - My cousins wedding.

A few photos of my trip...
While there we enjoyed a typical Danish breakfast.
Yummy choco milk! It is such a shame we don't have this in England.


Bread rolls.

This was served to the bride and groom at the Mehndi (Henna night), traditionally you place a small amount of henna into the brides palm, a tiny bit of oil on her hair and feed her something sweet.

Me ready for the Mehndi.

Me ready for the Nikkah (the wedding ceremony).

A few snaps from Copenhagen town centre.

A normal chilling selfie.

This picture is my aunties view out of her living room.

Me ready for the reception.

The bride and groom.

A cute touch with all the boys from the family wearing superhero cuff links.

At the end of the night....
All of the cousins.

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