Sunday, 4 August 2013

YSL Forever Light Creator Review.

Hi my lovelies,

Review time:) I blogged recently about purchasing the hugely anticipated new YSL wonder Serum. According to the Daily Mail there was a 5000 strong waiting list?! Crazy...but I know how us beauty lovers can be:)
I was pretty lucky and got hold of this pretty quickly. I've been using this for around 2-3 weeks every other night alternating with Alpha Liquid Gold. Now for my thoughts on it...
1. My skin the following morning most definitely looks brighter and smoothing.
2. While it is expensive you only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face.
3. Feels very luxurious and moisturising without being too heavy or greasy.
4. No problems with any reactions or breakouts as a result of this.
5. Smells incredible!
It has been said this product corrects pigmentation and dark spots, I can't comment on this as I don't suffer with them but if anyone does and has used please leave a comment below.
This will be a firm favourite in my night time routine for a long time I feel. Unless of course something better comes along....which I just don't think will :)

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