Monday, 1 July 2013

GlamGlow Mud Mask Review

Hi guys! Time for me to add to the bazillion reviews online of the GlamGlow mask. I bought a small pot of this beauty duty free on the plane. The inflight magazine lured me in and my skin wasnt feeling too great after my holiday. So this little wonder makes some pretty big claims on the back of the packaging. It will leave your skin noticeably more radiant and glowing, smoother, brighter, softer...the list is endless. So if im honest i was pretty excited about trying this mask out.
Its an easy mask to use, you just spread the green fairly thick mixture on your dry clean face. Wait 10 minutes and voila the results.
Okay and now for my honest opinion. I like this mask yes, but is it the best mask i have ever tried? No probably not although nothing else is springing to mind that might be better. It just didnt blow me away. It does leave your face smooth and glowing but i wouldnt say it was hugely noticeable. It was nothing more than a simple No7 microdermabrasion session wouldnt have done. This little beauty is also expensive. It is £39 for 50ml and you need quite a lot of product for one usage as it is quite thick. Im kind of on the fence, i liked it...but i am not sure its worth it....but i might repurchase it one day. If your skin is super dull then yes this might give you the miracle your looking for but if generally your skin is quite clear and fresh looking then you wont notice anything huge but it might give you a little boost.
Im guessing if your wondering about whether to buy this product and you have just read this review then you might be no clearer...let me help....if you have some spare money and want a little treat for yourself then yes go ahead:)

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