Saturday, 20 April 2013

Liz Earle mini haul

This weekend I've done some always but this time with another thought in mind...ingredients. To be honest I've never been too concerned about what ingredients go into any shampoos/conditioners or styling products until recently. I've been watching YouTube videos by a beauty/health blogger Annie Jaffrey and she talks a lot about the benefits of using products with natural ingredients. They have all the great minerals and vitamins your hair need without the nasty sulphates which are just coating your hair rather than cleaning it.
Anyway before I rant about these products too much ill give them a go and certainly keep u guys posted.

There's also a brightening face mask in here and it's a 2 minute one only which is just ahhh-mazing! So no excuses for not using this:)

Hope your all having an amazing weekend.

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