Thursday, 31 January 2013

Laura Mercier Basic Beauty Bits

A few Laura Mercier pieces that have formed part of my daily routine for about a month.
These were my birthday treat to myself:)

Now usually I'm drawn to chocolate browns and sparkley golds but on this particular day it was all about the wearable basics.

Here we have Sesame on the left and Gilt on the right. While this shades may look a bit boring and blah the fact that they are just so damn wearable makes up for it.

I use Sesame daily as a all over wash cover since my usual Bobbi Brown shadow in Banana was discontinued *sniff sniff.

And Gilt on the lids. It's just a very subtle gold with shimmer running through it of different colours. This doesn't show through on photographs.

Left to Right:- Sesame, Gilt and the lipstick is Antique Pink. It's a beautiful colour for winter. Lovely formula too...thick, creamy and lasts a long time.

Anyone else bought anything great from Laura Mercier?x

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