Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Babyliss Boutique Hair Dryer Review

First things first £75....definitely pricey for a hairdryer! In fact the man serving me at Argos actually said "Really...£75?". So there I was a little hesitant about my purchase thinking have I just made a huge mistake. Ill be honest a hair dryer is something I've never given much thought to and I've been using a little Remington travel dryer for years. It was quick, easy and light.
So I jump out of the shower...load my hair with products and get blow drying. Firstly the power of this dryer is incredible, surprising in fact. I have long hair, pretty much half way down my back and it was bone dry in around 5 minutes. It also has a true cool setting which is amazing to use and brush your hair through at the same time. So once dry the things I immediately noticed..
1. Smoother
2. Shinier
3. Softer
4. Volumised
5. Knot free
I absolutely love this dryer. I had no reason to worry at all, it truly felt as though I had had a salon blow dry. I honestly can't rave about this product enough. I know £75 isn't cheap but if you have a birthday coming up then I would definitely ask for this. I will not be looking for another dryer in the's me and the boutique dryer for life :)

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