Wednesday, 16 January 2013


So another contouring post...
I'm absolutely new to contouring so I'm certainly not going to sit and tell you how to do it as I'm still finding my own perfect technique. What I will do however is share with you the products I use.
First things first...contouring your face is designed to give you a more defined look a la Kim Kardashian.
Getting there can be tricky without looking strange in the daylight so my only piece of advice is...lightly does it.

I use Hoola by Benefit for my everyday contouring with a Real Techniques contour brush. I bought the core collection recently and it is one of the best purchases I've made. So much so that they will get an individual post.

Now as you can see hoola is a slightly muddy brown (no shimmer).
The No7 is a darker brown slightly red with a highlighter too. I'd use this for a more night time look.


Top - No7 highlighter
Middle - No7 bronzer (looks better in real life)
Bottom - Benefit Hoola.
Now once I master the art of contouring ill be back with photos and techniques but for now just my little starter kit.
Also a thankyou to Kaushal from Beauty Fulfilled who helped me find Hoola! Check out her blog for sure:) xxx


  1. I love Hoola too :) Fab for daytime looks when you don't need shimmer.

  2. It's now a staple in my make up bag x

  3. In contouring, it’s never impossible for you to look gorgeous like Kim Kardashian or any celebrity you idolize. I think it’s the new trend these days. This is very helpful, though using make-up should be used with caution as it can damage the face, particularly if used regularly. Balance it out by putting some moisturizer or lotion to keep the nutrients in your skin. :)

    {Sierra Whittington}