Friday, 4 March 2016

Tarteist Contour Swatch & Review

Hi girlies, time to show you guys this beautiful palette by Tarte. I spotted this on Instagram and just knew i had to have it , it looks so pretty and you know that whole "perfect for travel thing" i actually travel much lol!
So the outside is pretty sturdy, big disc like package with a metallic gold finish.


1. Highlight.
2. Correct.
3&4. Contour.
5. Accentuate.

Middle is a white translucent powder.

Left to Right 1-5.

Ok so down to the nitty gritty. These powders are very powdery if that makes sense. There isn't really any finely milled business going on not think this is on par with hourglass or kevin aucoin in any way. However they do the job, the blush colour i really like and the contour shades are pretty good. Ill be honest, i have used this palette but i definitely don't reach for it on a daily basis and it hasn't made it into any travel plans either. I would consider taking it for a weekend away if it was a chilled out vibe but ill be honest if i wanted my make up to look flawless i wouldn't be picking this.
Not Tartes finest product but pretty to have in your stash i guess.

Mwah xoxo

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