Sunday, 6 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

Hi girlies, its time to talk SKIN. I barely ever mention skin products as I'm fiercely loyal to a few and i don't like to chop and change with it. I think keeping my skin care routine as simple as possible with the best products for me is the way to go.
So as you may know i am and probably forever will be in love with YSL Forever Light Creator Serum. It just works, it definitely gives you glowier skin and is amazing as a moisturiser before you apply your make up. Anyway I'm afraid with the cold weather it just wasnt cutting it at night time and my T Zone was just left feeling dry and flakey a lot....and we all know that isn't the best base for applying any make up. So i needed to try something else! I treated myself to the Charlotte Tilbury Advent calendar at Christmas which cost a whopping £150 and contained a very generous sample of her magic cream. So much so that it lasted me an entire month. Now I'm being totally honest with this  in that I LOVE THIS CREAM!! It literally transforms your face into a babys backside....or you know something like that.
I instantly felt the difference and my make up was applying smoother, less creases for it to be settling in and dry flakey patches. Honestly this stuff is incredible. As its her magic cream we have no idea whats in it making it so amazing but it feels beautiful on the skin and i love applying it every night.
A full size pot will cost £75 but i think it will last a good few months easily. Now I've heard a few bloggers say that Ponds cream could be a great dupe for this and you know what i see where they are coming from with that claim but honestly I'm not risking not having the results this cream gives so in my opinion it is £75 well spent.

Charlotte has also released her Magic Night Cream which I'm currently putting to the test so ill keep you posted.

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