Sunday, 22 February 2015

Brand Focus - Oribe

Oribe is one of the most luxurious hair care brands out there, along with Philip B. Today I'm going to review my top 3 products ive tried by the brand as they are eye wateringly expensive so before splashing out it's worth a read through.

Texturising spray.

This badboy has had the blogging world going crazy for ages and it took me a long time to jump on the bandwagon. I bought a small Oribe travel kit which included this spray and unfortunately I loved it. I say unfortunately as a big size replacement costs £38! Yes that's right £38. I use this in the morning, just lift up sections of my hair and spray away, it gives me that extra volume and jhuuzh I need somedays. It also smells amazing and generally gives me beautiful big hair. A lot of people say that the Charles a Worthington Volume and Bounce is a good dupe for this but I don't agree, that has a hair spray element to it and a slight stickiness. I like it, but if you want a fool proof amazing texturising spray then look no further.

Thickening spray.

I was on the hunt for a new thickening spray as the Bumble & Bumble one gives me major static issues. I picked this up recently and really enjoy using it, i spritz it through damp hair, brush though and blow dry. My hair most definitely feels thicker and glossier after using this.

Signature Shampoo & Conditioner.

I don't use these everyday....what do I look like....a millionaire?! These are my once a week midweek pick me up for my hair, they leave it feeling salon like, bouncy and shiny. I actually think if I used this daily and it stopped working as well Id cry as I genuinely love the feeling after ive used it. I switch up my hair products ALOT as I think the worst that can happen after using something is you get left with a greasy mop as oppose to switching skin care which has left me with painful spots! I also think that your hair gets used to products too so I like to change things up regularly.

That's my 3 favourite products from Oribe, they are worth the price in my opinion. All are purchased from Space NK.

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