Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Brand Overview

Hi my lovelies,
A slightly different type of post from me today, I'm doing a brand overview. I may start doing a few more of these along the way but no promises! Today we are going to look at Charlotte Tilbury. A world famous make up artist who has created her own brand. It is available to buy online or in Selfridges. This niggles at me slightly as I don't have a Selfridges nearby so when purchasing these eye wateringly pricey products I'm relying solely on the website itself and other beauty bloggers swatches and reviews. Over time I've picked up a few products so it's time to share my opinions on them.

My stash

I think that all of her products are definitely on the expensive side, however are also of great quality. So in this case you are getting your money's worth, and using these bits on special occasions can make it all the more lovely.
My favourite amongst the bunch are definitely the slim & sculpt brush that literally never leaves my side. The Dolce Vita palette is just stunning and I tend to use this for evenings out or parties, the gold shimmery colour really does pop! The blusher is great quality, finely milled and a nice addition in my collection but nothing over and beyond other high end brands.
My 2 "blah" products are the lipstick and eye crayon. The lipstick is a nice colour and pretty but nothing special, I like the eye crayon but you have to blend it pretty quickly otherwise it sets.

Swatches and shades.
From L - R

Colour Chamelon Eye Crayon 'Amber Haze'

Swish & Pop Blusher 'Love Glow'

Lipstick 'Bitch Perfect'

Luxury Palette 'The Dolce Vita'

I have been eyeing up the magic cream and filmstar bronze for absolutely ages....I'm just not sure they are worth the money yet.
Hope you are all well x

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