Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Smash box Primer

I bought this primer a few weeks ago and have been using it every day so review time! Firstly it cost £30! A lot for a primer in my opinion but i had to give it a go for sure. They do a few different types but i really wasn't sure which one to go for so the assistant suggested a dewy finish one.
(Im not sure why the product has separated in the was like this when i bought it).

Now the colour was a little scary coming out of the bottle.


Ahhh thank god! Blended leaves a gorgeous glowy sheen and when you use your make up no colour is visible from the primer itself.

This gives you gorgeous fresh, dewy skin! My make up stays on longer for sure but what i love is the beautiful base it gives you to work on. I would recommend this beauty to anybody. I found a SmashBox counter in Debenhams. x

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  1. I have this! I think it's fab. It is expensive but my bottles last me ages!