Monday, 23 April 2012

Babyliss Root Boost

I love BIG hair! You know the saying "The bigger the hair the smaller the hips":) I have to say im not into the poker straight flat look anymore, it can be straight but with a bit of volume! Anyway my secret weapon is The Babyliss Root Boost. Ive had it about 2 years and use it after straightening every time i wash my hair.
So here is the badboy! Now some might just be looking at these thinking "they are crimpers love" and yes they are...but much smaller and thinner. After straightening each layer of hair i crimp the top section and as each layer falls on top my hair gets bigger.

I couldnt live without these and they are truly worth the money. I think they retail for about £30.

A picture just showing how i normally have my hair, this was a sunday afternoon and i was going nowhere fancy.

Anyone got any amazing hair tools they cant live without?x

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