Sunday, 26 April 2015

Morning Routine.

I used to be one of those people that literally got up when I absolutely had to and rushed around like crazy getting ready for work and making it just in the nick of time. That people is so bad for you and no way to spend the first hour of your day. Ive been reading books like The Secret and The Power (which I will do future posts about) and they really emphasise the importance of starting your day well. With an attitude of gratitude, happiness and relaxation. However you start your will end your day. Trust me on that!

1. Attitude of Gratitude. So in the morning when I wake up, I don't just fly out of bed anymore I lie there for a few moments and think about all the things im grateful for. Only once im feeling good do I get up:)

2. Make up time. I really enjoy applying my make up in the morning, it takes me around half an hour to do it and my hair. I don't touch up in the day so I like to take my time first thing. I switch up my palettes and blush pretty often to keep things fun and interesting.

3. Youtube. I love watching YouTube videos by my favourite vloggers while getting ready. This just puts me in a really good mood. Favourites include Fleur, Tanya Burr and Amelia Liana.

4. Spotify. For the days im not feeling watching anything I make up really fun uplifting playlists, music has the power to change your mood in an instant.

5. My drive to work. This always starts with a fun phone call to my bestie first thing. This sets you up for the day. We can go from super serious discussions to laughing till we cry and before we know it we are at work.

So as you can see, before my day has even started properly ie working day....that's 5 things I've done to make me happy and set me up for the best day:)

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