Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Zoeva Brushes Vegan Prime Set

So every blogger and their dog has banged on about these brushes for ages and I've resisted buying them until now. I've read enough reviews to know that these are good value for money and seem to be pretty darn good quality. So I placed my order with beauty bay and voila here is my Vegan Prime Brush Set for around £62. Now while that may seem a lot it isn't really as it contains 10 brushes. So at just over £6 each which compared to mac is teeny tiny prices I think I'm on to a good thing.
I love the cute little pouch they all come in which is great for travel.

Black faux leather with a pop of pink inside.
And the brushes that attracted me to the set are these below.

Not too much more to say as I've not used them yet and literally photographed them while they are all clean and shiny but I'll let you know!

Hope you are all well x

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