Monday, 16 July 2012

My first ELF order

My first ELF order ladies. I got all this booty for just £30! Incredible value.
So on to my haul.
3 blushers.

An eyeshadow.

4 Lipglosses.

Some random extras -
Powder brush
Blusher/contouring brush
Undereye concealer.

Now the price of this was amazing but I'm yet to try it so I'll be letting you know whether it's worth it or not. I'm normally a make up snob but had to try ELF as so many bloggers rave about it. The packaging is very Nars-esque but it's plastic rather than rubbery. I must say im impressed that the blushers and eyeshadow have mirrors in considering they are so cheap. My sister fell in love with 2 of the blushers so I'll wait for her verdict to report back! Also the only annoying thing is obviously only being available online you can't get a true feel for the colours until they land on your doorstep but I'd say there's only a couple of items I was a bit surprised at. x


  1. Elf's so hit and miss! Some things are lovely tho x

  2. I agree im not too sure I'll order again x

  3. The ELF studio range is pretty amazing, but I'm not too keen on the regular range. It's worth paying the extra £2/3 for the studio range brushes (which I love!) =)

  4. Elf is consistent, but consistently so-so (from my experience). I don't like their eyeshadows, but their brushes are fabulous. But for the price, it's pretty fair!